Saturday, 7 July 2007

Decrypting SourceSafe User List Passwords

In my previous article ('SourceSafe Password Decryption' parts one and two) I discussed how to break SourceSafe passwords so that you could gain access to a SourceSafe database even if you didn't have the password for the user. I demonstrated that if you had the encrypted code of the password, you could generate a password that would produce the same code as this.

However, what do you do if you don't have the password code? To be honest, unless you had generated one yourself (using my 'SourceSafe Password Encryption' article) it seems unlikely that you would have it.

Well the good news is that the password code is stored and is freely available in the SourceSafe file um.dat, which is stored in the data directory under your SourceSafe repository root folder.

If you open the file using a hex editor (I recommend a purchased copy of UltraEdit) then you basically see the user database for SourceSafe.

If you refer to Figure 1, you will see a hex dump of the start of the file.

The first user account (in this case Admin) begins at offset 0x7C (124), and each user account in 0x40 (64) bytes in length. This means that there must be (file_length - 0x7c) / 0x40 users in each file. In the case of my file, which is 2108 bytes, there are 31 users: (2108 - 124) / 64 = 31.

In Figure 1, the user account is highlighted by a green box.
Inside the user account, the user name is obvious, at +8 bytes, and the user name can occupy up to 31 bytes.
The actual password code is located at +0x28 (40) bytes and is shown in Figure 1 inside a red box. The password code is always 2 bytes in length, so in this case the password for the Admin user is 0x6DAF (28079).

Now we have ontained the password code we can decrypt it in accordance with my previous articles. This process can be repeated for each user in the file, if required.

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